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Tim McKenzie

Pitney Bowes
General Manager of Big Data Solutions
Tim McKenzie is General Manager of Big Data Solutions at Pitney Bowes, Inc. He joined Pitney Bowes in 2005 and for the last 15 years has been working with the world’s leading telecommunications companies to develop unique industry solutions built around data. Initial projects revolved around improving data quality and building tax databases for telco billing transactions as well as developing customized solutions for data-driven network planning and optimization. Tim also played a leadership role in using customer data to build the first coverage maps that mobile providers use in advertising. Five years ago, Tim spearheaded the development of a custom Pitney Bowes solution for a leading U.S. mobile provider to monetize customer data by efficiently matching high volumes of customer location data with data on adjacent commercial enterprises. In that same time period, Tim led another coverage map innovation from Pitney Bowes that uses billions of verified customer cell access points as the data input for generating the map of actual network coverage. In 2015, Tim took on establishing an internal Big Data startup organization at Pitney Bowes with the mission of bringing location analytics to Big Data platforms such as Hadoop, Hortonworks and Spark. Most recently, Tim has been working with telco customers in using Pitney Bowes location intelligence for 5G network and planning and customer acquisition strategies. With the massive volumes of data these Pitney Bowes solutions involve — such as attaching billions of network events to over 9,000 address-based attributes — Tim’s team is also helping customers migrate our Big Data solutions successfully to the cloud.